To our colleagues and friends,

These are unprecedented times, to be sure. We are working to provide flexible options to keep everyone safe while keeping the training quality up to our standards for excellence.

We are working on the plan to manage the training during this unprecedented Pandemic. I will use this space to provide information and updates as the plan progresses.

​The NBCC makes it clear that approved programs can be conducted remotely:

"Incredibly Responsive"

LCPC Clinical Supervision Training

People have asked if a remote learning course will "count" for the 15 hours of "in-person" CE the state of Illinois requires. So I read that section of the CE requirement carefully and found this language:

"A maximum of 15 CE credits per renewal period may be earned for successful completion of a correspondence course".

Our live, interactive course is not considered a "correspondence" course. There is a huge difference between "on line" courses and "correspondence" courses. In a correspondence course, interaction between the instructor and student is limited, is not regular and substantive, and is primarily initiated by the student. Because our program will be live and interactive (we will even have break out groups!) it definitely does not constitute a correspondence course, and is therefore not subject to that provision in our license renewal rule.

Here are training updates since this pandemic hit:

1. We successfully offered the June 18-19 training via ZOOM. It worked really well for us!

2. We rescheduled the Chicago-Knickerbocker training to March of 2021 (in time for license renewal). However, we will likely make that a hybrid in-person with a ZOOM option.

3. We offered additional ZOOM options that broke up the training from 2 days of 9-hours each, to 3 days of 6-hour training (that was the Fridays this Fall series, offered in 2020).

4. Our February Northbrook training will either have a ZOOM option or we will move to to exclusively ZOOM. It will not be exclusively in-person, but if we can safely have an in-person option, we will do it.

Please know that we are on it! Your registration is secure. Your options will be clear, and you will have these 18 hours completed before the license renewal deadline on March 31, 2021!

Thank you for your patience,