LCPC Clinical Supervision Training

The Registration Process

  1. Go to and find the registration page.
  2. Sign up for each of the 6 classes, finding times and days that work for you!
  3. **Optional! If you want hard copies of materials, sign up for those.
  4. Pay at the registration site and be on the lookout for email from your instructor as the training gets close!

"We've Moved!"


501: Introduction to Clinical Supervision (3 hours)

502: The Developing Clinical Supervisor (3 hours)

503: Becoming a Clinical Supervisor (3 hours)

504: Clinical Supervisor in Practice (3 hours)

505: Ethics & Legal Issues in Clinical Supervision (4 hours)

506: Managing Stress and Preventing Burnout in Clinical Supervision (2 hours)

2-day Schedule

Our 2-day programs meet from 8am-6pm CST both days.

3-day Schedule

Our 3-day programs meet 9am-3pm CST.

When the program is offered via zoom, a 1-hour zoom introduction to the program is required prior to the first class meeting. For people who attend these 1-hour introduction sessions, the first day of training is shortened by 1 hour.



Friday Jan 12 2024 8-11am CST

Friday Jan 19 2024 8-11am CST

Friday Jan 26 2024 8-11am CST

Friday Feb 02 2024 8-11am CST

Friday Feb 09 2024 8-2pm CST


Fri Aug 2    5pm-8pm CST

Sat Aug 3   8am-5pm CST

Sun Aug 4  8am-2pm CST

FALL 2024

Fri Sept 13, 8am-2pm CST

Fri Sept 20, 8am-2pm CST

Fri Sept 27, 8am-2pm CST


Saturday Dec 7, 8am-5pm CST

Saturday Dec 14, 8am-5pm CST