I love that even people who have no intention of ever supervising find the material useful to them professionally! That tells me we are striking the right connection between excellent clinical practice and clinical supervision!

More quotes from evaluations:

“The seminar was very lively…an amazing job of keeping us engaged for 18 hours!”

“Well organized, well run, informative…”

“I especially appreciated her teaching skills and experience.”

“Vicki was very energetic & passionate about topic & training.”

“Program is helpful & very informative. Time went by quickly.”

“This program was very beneficial, interactive, and helped me conceptualize clinical supervision and how I can better my practice and skills as a clinician."

"Rock Star Training!"

We understand your need to get reassurance before you commit! Here is some information we offer to assure you -- you're doing the right thing!

Evaluation Data from 2014-2015

N=111 People in 5 Trainings

Likert Scale from 1-5, 5=Top Rating

"The purpose/objectives of the workshop were clear." Mean=4.95

"The information will be useful to me professionally." Mean=4.68

"The presentation was appropriate for the audience." Mean=4.87

"I enjoyed attending this session." Mean=4.99

*Each of 6 classes that comprised the program were evaluated throughout the 18-hour training. This sample of evaluation data was drawn from responses for 501: Introduction to Clinical Supervision.

Here are quotes from recent evaluations:

"I took this class because it was required, but you made it a great experience. Thank you!"

"I appreciate how you have created and taught this educational series - the content and your personal enthusiasm made it more than just fulfilling a requirement.”

"It felt more like a lovely retreat than a training."

“The energy level and competence of the instructor is outstanding! She made the training easy to manage.”

“The program was enlightening to my career as well as supervising.”

Let us know if you'd like to get in touch with a past participant who's willing to talk with you about the program! These volunteers receive no compensation for this, they just loved the program and think you will, too!

LCPC Clinical Supervision Training

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