If you renewed your LCPC for the first time in 2023,

then you must have the required training done before you renew in 2025.

In the 18 years I've been teaching this class, I've heard every excuse in the book for not getting this training done. People have said they were grandfathered in, they don't supervise so they don't need it, and my favorite one I just heard at a recent training -- they are already supervising, so they can count those hours towards the training! None of these excuses seem to be valid when you read the code of requirements. If you hold an LCPC in Illinois, this requirement applies to you!

Case Example:
Let's say you earned your LPC in 2019 and you earned your LCPC in 2022. March 31, 2023 was your 'first renewal' for your LCPC, and so you were not required to comply with the CE requirement for the LCPC. 4/1/23-3/31/25 is your first "FULL" renewal, and so you must comply with the requirement before the 2025 renewal.

Clinical Supervision Training Requirement in the State of Illinois 

As of June 4, 2024, the State of Illinois requires all Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors to obtain 9 hours of Continuing Education in Clinical Supervision. Here is the language from the current Administrative Code, section 1375.220, section a.3):

"Upon the second renewal of a clinical professional counselor license, 9 of the required 30 CE hours shall be in clinical supervision training.  This is a one-time (lifetime) requirement."

Notice this updated language makes it clear LCPCs are required to earn these credits before their 2nd license renewal.

LCPC Clinical Supervision Training

"We've Moved!"

This training requirement only applies to LCPCs, so our LCSW and Psychologist colleagues likely do not know about it. Check out the requirement for yourself, because if you are audited by the State, they will not accept excuses for not having it done!

Click HERE for a direct link to the LCPC Administrative Code!