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LCPC Clinical Supervision Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really a requirement for LCPCs?Yes, it is, but please don't take our word for it. Visit the Department of Professional Regulation and see for yourself. Follow this link to the rule!
Do LCSWs have this requirement?LCSWs and LCPSs are closely aligned professions, but they are actually governed under different Administrative Codes by the State of Illinois, so the rules are not the same.
When do I have to get this done?If you renewed your LCPC in 2023, then you are required to have the training finished before you renew your license in 2025.
How fast can I get this done?Through our program, you can finish all 18-clock hours in a single two-day training. Check the schedule to see when our "Done in One" are offered this renewal period.
How long has your program been running?We developed this program in 2005, when the law was very new. Passed in 2003, the law required ALL current LCPCs to have the training done by 2007. For 18+ years, we've been offering training by LCPCs and for LCPCs.
What makes this training worth it?Registration includes pre-training attention, as we gather information from you to make sure your experience is a good one! Of course, you get to experience a surprisingly awesome program, with materials and a display-ready certificate of completion included, and then after the training is done, we've got your back! This training is a "LIFETIME" requirement, so if you get audited years from now, we will be able to vouch for you! You are also then invited to a closed Facebook networking group that is exclusively for past participants of the program.
What is the dress code?Dress for comfort (yes, yoga pants and sneakers are fine!). This training offers a relaxed atmosphere, and Dr. Vicki will go out of her way to make you feel at ease! 
I have food allergies. Will there be food I can eat?For our in-person training, let us know what your dietary restrictions are in advance (along with any other accommodations that need to be made for you) and we will absolutely do our best to ensure that you are comfortable and cared for throughout our time together! 
Why is there a nonrefundable deposit?We offer a "boutique" experience and are working on your training long before you get here! We gather information from you to put you in an appropriate working group, and we pre-print a beautiful certificate worthy of its "lifetime" ahead! This work upfront requires compensation, even if you cannot attend the training.
Why the new website and new look?During the 2013-2015 renewal, we heard from participants that the training was WAY more "fun" than they expected it would be. They were expecting it to be dry and dull, and much to their delight, it did not mirror the dull look of the old website. We were told to spruce up the site to make it a better "match" for how awesome the training actually is!
What's in the Fine Print?
First: We are NBCC ACEP (#6248), but we are not responsible for the validation of these credits with your particular licensing body. Always check with your state before you commit to any CE program! Second: When you register and pay, you are acknowledging our "NO REFUND" policy. If you withdraw from a class, we will refund payments less a $100 processing fee when cancellation is complete prior to 72-hours of the scheduled class. Cancellations within 72-hours of the class date will not be refunded. Participants who register for a 2-day training and then change their registration to split the days into two different trainings are subject to a $150 change fee when this change is made within 7 days of the training. Third: When the class is rescheduled due to low enrollment or cancelled due to an act of God or an unforeseen circumstance, a refund will not be issued, but a credit will remain on file to be applied to a future CE offering.Fourth: When you participate in our training program and receive information and materials, you understand that the materials and ideas presented are copyrighted and owned fully and in part by Counseling CE, LLC., and that no materials may be copied or used for personal or professional gain or compensation without the expressed written consent of Counseling CE, LLC.